Stretch Shoe Stretch Shoe


  • Your feet will barely hurt anymore
  • "Stretch Shoe" with 75% extensibility!
  • Now also available for men
Why are you still suffering from painful, swollen feet, problems with corns, hallux valgus, hammer toes and other issues? Because you haven't tried Dr. Metz's Comfort Stretch Shoes.

The German physician Dr. Metz has developed a shoe that is truly unique. The upper of this women's shoe consists entirely of fine, breathable, elastic material with an extensibility of up to 75%. This creates a pressure-free space for deformed feet. No pain, no pressure, no tension – painful pressure points are now a thing of the past.

Whether it's bunions, hammer toes or corns, nothing hurts any more. Even if your feet swell, the shoe gives way gently. It moulds itself to the foot like a second skin. You won't feel any constriction. For example, many customers have seen their hammer toes heal on their own after just 3 weeks of wearing Dr. Metz's Stretch Shoes – truly amazing.

Yes, even some scheduled bunions surgeries have been cancelled, because the bunion healed by itself after 3 weeks of wearing these shoes. This is a totally new, never before seen, pain-free walking experience. A house and outdoor shoe, perfect for long trips by car, bus, train or plane. Even if your feet are healthy, these shoes are stylishly elegant and super comfortable!



"You have nothing to lose but the pain in your feet"!


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